Connect: Why should you use social media?

Image for Connect: Why should you use social media?

The Connect series introduces the teacher to a new area of practice, bringing together the latest research with practical exercises that can be used in the classroom.  Each in the series includes an engaging A2 poster designed to be put up in the classroom or staffroom to provoke further exploration of the topic.

This, the first in the series, asks ‘Why should you use social media?’
The first section ‘teacher as professional’ draws on the latest research to identify the advantages of engaging with social media and give a top level view of how it can benefit your students. 
The second part explores the ‘teacher as practitioner’ and gives four practical activities using social media that could be tried in your classroom tomorrow. 
The third section of the resource offers links to further information and resources to help you develop your practice in this area and support you to take the next steps. 
The resource also features a visually engaging A2 poster (consisting of 4 A4 sections) which is designed to be displayed on the classroom or staffroom wall and stimulate discussion around social media.  It asks and visually explores four key questions for social media and education.